Undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and anaemia amplify gender inequalities by lowering studying possible, wages and existence prospects for adolescent girls and girls, weakening their immunity to bacterial infections, and rising their risk of lifestyle-threatening troubles through being pregnant and childbirth.

In ‘Undernourished and Forgotten: A International Nourishment Disaster in Adolescent Women and Women’ UNICEF examines the recent position, developments and inequities in the nutritional position of adolescent women and females of reproductive age (15-49 decades), and the boundaries they face in accessing nutritious meal plans, utilizing necessary diet solutions and benefiting from good nutrition and care procedures.

The investigation focuses on undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and anaemia due to the fact these types of malnutrition influence the most susceptible adolescent girls and females in minimal- and middle-cash flow international locations, primarily in the context of the ongoing world wide meals and diet disaster.

Study highlights:


UNICEF’s results expose the slow world-wide development on nourishment in adolescent women and women, and the numerous, interacting motorists that underlie this worldwide disaster. The critical findings are as follows:

  • Progress on adolescent girls’ and women’s nutrition is far too gradual and under threat: no area is on monitor to meet up with the 2030 world wide targets to minimize anaemia and very low birthweight, and acute malnutrition has risen by 25 for each cent due to the fact 2020 in crisis-hit nations around the world.
  • Deprived adolescent ladies and girls and these living in poorer regions bear the brunt of undernutrition and anaemia.
  • Very poor nourishment is passed down by means of generations: about half of small children beneath 2 with stunting turn into stunted through pregnancy and the first six months of lifestyle.
  • The world meals crisis is deepening the nourishment disaster for adolescent ladies and women.
  • Adolescent girls and girls battle to accessibility nutritious diet plans.
  • Hazardous social and gender norms and methods block development on adolescent girls’ and women’s nutrition.
  • Nutrition solutions and social protection programmes are failing to meet up with the nutrition requirements of adolescent ladies and girls, especially in humanitarian options.
  • Adolescent women and girls deficiency powerful policy protection in opposition to undernutrition.




The scale and outcomes of undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and anaemia in adolescent girls and females are currently being disregarded and below recognized by people, society, governments, development and humanitarian communities, investigate and academia, media and the non-public sector. Except if decisive action is taken, we will collectively continue to fail adolescent girls and females, and jeopardize the survival, development, progress and nicely-staying of their young children.

With the mounting pressures on food and diet safety and fast approaching deadlines for the global nutrition targets, governments and their improvement and humanitarian companions – countrywide and intercontinental – have to consider the lead in accelerating progress for adolescent girls’ and women’s diet.

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