I could go on for times about how substantially I adore this nootropic dietary supplement, but for me, the most palpable positive aspects are enhanced mental clarity and mood-balancing outcomes.*

Hero neuronutrient citicoline supports wholesome levels of essential neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine.* These neurotransmitters are identified to assistance mental procedures such as clarity and aim. 

Citicoline has also been proven by way of investigate to help awareness, processing speed1, and mental vitality by expanding ATP in the brain (i.e., supporting mind power reserves).*

Complementing citicoline, antioxidant phytonutrient resveratrol has vasoactive attributes and is clinically demonstrated to guidance blood stream to the mind and cerebrovascular wellbeing2.* Increased cerebral blood flow implies optimized delivery of oxygen and nutrients to my mind, supporting a very clear head and all round cognitive operate. (Of course, you should.) 

The clarity and psychological vitality that brain guard+ provides assistance me fight pesky mental fogginess that crops up on celebration and stay on leading of my productivity and endeavor performance.* 

Together with the outstanding multidimensional cognitive effectiveness assist, I’ve found that my temper stability has hardly ever been better. 

These positive mood aid benefits are thanks to kanna, a fascinating nootropic botanical sourced from South Africa. Kanna provides synergistic dual action 3on the central anxious procedure, supporting cognitive purpose (including cognitive overall flexibility and government functionality4) and emotional processes in the mind.* 

I come across myself noticeably far more calm and levelheaded all over the day, still I however sense mentally sharp. I am going to get some Zen with my psychological clarity any working day. 

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