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It is important to have a pet in your home as they bring a lot of joy. Having a pet around is a great way of eliminating cases of boredom and loneliness. You will get to enjoy every moment spent with the canine friend. It is for this reason that a person is encouraged to get to pet. A pet will bring much joy and fun to children. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the dog is in excellent health condition and comfortable at your home. This guide will enlighten you more about dog health nowadays.

It is vital to make sure that your dog is fed with a balanced diet for great health. For example, you need to feed the canine with high quality dry food for maximum balanced diet. The food can be mixed with water, broth, and canned food as well. One can also add little amounts of vegetables, cooked eggs, fruits and cheese. On the other hand, young dogs should be fed with high quality puppy food. You should lower the amount of normal food since it can result to hormonal imbalances, obesity, teeth and bone problems. Make sure that your canine friend is exposed to fresh and clean water. The feeding dish ought to be clean for excellent health. Professionals advocate that is between the ages of eight and 12 weeks ought to be fed four meals a day. Young ones between the ages of three to six months should be fed with three meals each day. A puppy between six months and one year should have two meals a day. A dog that is more than one year should have a meal each day.

A dog ought to be clean at all times and frequently brushed to lower the amount of hair loss. Examine the dog for ticks and fleas especially during the warm season. Also, you need to buy a flea and tick collar to keep away ticks from your pet. It is also vital to ensure that you engage your dog in exercise to lower the number of calories, boost their minds, and improve the health. Boredom is also reduced when one engages the dog in exercise activities. Keep away from the canine any medication that is not prescribed or allowed by a professional. Always visit a center that is allowed to provide such services. You need to provide your canine friend with a clean and warm blanket in their dog bed.

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